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The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 lines may receive an important update in June

The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 lines may receive an important update in June

Samsung may release a major update to the Galaxy S24 line’s cameras next month, fixing several issues that have affected the flagship phones’ photography performance since launch.

However, new information suggests that the Galaxy S23 line should also receive a significant update, perhaps to correct issues that appeared after the One UI 6.1 update, such as excessive battery consumption.

The Galaxy S24 line launched in January, and has been receiving at least one update a month. Some only bring security fixes, while others include camera improvements. Rumors in recent weeks have claimed that there is a major update scheduled for June that will improve Zoom’s performance and fix some lingering issues.

According to tipster @tarunvats33, Samsung’s internal servers reveal that the new firmware for the Galaxy S24 line is in the testing phase. She has a copy S92*BXXU2AXE4with letters indicating that it will not be just a security update.

The letter “U” from right to left indicates news, where security updates have the letter “S” in their place. Since rumors point to a major camera update in June, it will likely be the firmware.

In the case of the Galaxy S23 line, there are also firmwares with the letter ā€œUā€ sequentially on Samsung servers S91*BXXU5CXE1. Since the devices have already received several camera updates and are only suffering from One UI 6.1 issues, it is likely that the update will contain the fixes.

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(Updated on 22 May 2024 at 19:40)