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The FPF changes the classification criteria for venues in Series D of Pernambucano

The FPF changes the classification criteria for venues in Series D of Pernambucano

Until 2023, the two teams with the best season in Stage 1, who are not in higher divisions, qualify for Series D

a Pernambuco Football Federation (FPF) The Pernambucano Championship classification criteria for places in the Brazilian Series D have been changed. In the 2024 edition, there will be two places for state teams: one for the champion and one for the best-placed team in the first stage, which is not already in a higher division – in the case of Náutico and Sport.

The same applies to the hero spot. If the winner of Pernambucano is Timbu or Leão, the place goes to the runner-up and so on.

It is worth noting that the team that ranks third in the state will be the team that was defeated in the semi-finals and obtains the best result in the first stage. The fourth place finalist will be eliminated from the semi-finals.

In the rankings, fifth place is the team defeated in the quarterfinals with the highest score. The sixth-placed team will be the other team eliminated from the quarter-finals. From seventh to tenth place will be the teams that fell in the first stage.

The confirmation came from the FPF itself, on Tuesday (9) night, in a technical guide published on the entity’s official website.

How was the Series D rating in 2023?

In the last edition of the Pernambucano tournament, places in Series D were guaranteed by the two best teams in the first stage, who were not in the higher divisions. In 2023, the vacant positions went to Retro, vice president, and Petrolina, in fourth place.

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Vacancies for Nordestão and Copa do Brasil

Pernambucano offers three places for the Brazilian Cup. Places are allocated to the champion, runner-up and the person eliminated from the semi-finals with the best campaign in the first stage.

As for Nordstau, the champion qualifies for the group stage and the runner-up qualifies for the preliminary round. However, Pernambuco has two places in the CBF classification. In this way, the sport is already guaranteed in the group stage.

While Nautico will qualify for the group stage if it wins the tournament or if Sport wins the title. In any other scenario, Tiempo would be competing in the pre-Nordsau stage due to the CBF's classification.

Santa Cruz will advance to the region if it wins the title. If Náutico or Sport is the champion, Tricolor will move to the preliminary stage as well based on the rankings.