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The five main symptoms of dementia and when to seek help

The five main symptoms of dementia and when to seek help

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Alzheimer’s disease predominates in about 60% to 70% of dementia cases – iStock/Getty Images

It is characterized by cognitive decline or behavioral changes that gradually impair the ability to perform activities such as taking medications, managing financial resources, cooking, bathing, or dressing, Mad It is more common in people over 65 years of age. However, it has also been reported in younger individuals.

According to data from World Health Organization (WHO)Although dementia manifests in a variety of ways, the most common type is Alzheimer’s disease, which presents in about 60% to 70% of cases.

Some stages of dementia, according to the Ministry of Health, affect nearly 1.2 million people, while 100,000 new cases of the disease are diagnosed each year.

Not coincidentally, dementia has become a hot topic in recent years. Therefore, knowing the first symptoms and possible causes is key.

Learn more about the symptoms:

Although dementia syndromes have many different causes, such as Alzheimer’s disease or stroke, most patients experience similar symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of them and seek medical help when necessary.

Dementia symptoms: These are the most common changes

amnesia, such as forgetting the names of people close to you and the places you keep personal items and recurring;

Problems using language, such as constantly switching sentences, difficulty finding words and articulating sentences;

change in personality

Confusion in time and space.

Difficulty performing usual daily tasks.

In most cases, dementia starts slowly, and symptoms get worse over time. However, in rare cases, the progression of dementia is very rapid and occurs in less than two years.

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If any signs are present, see your doctor for an evaluation.

with information from Live Well website.