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The delta variant causes deaths and hospitalizations in the United States, with 99% of victims refusing to receive vaccinations

The delta variant causes deaths and hospitalizations in the United States, with 99% of victims refusing to receive vaccinations

São Paulo – Variable delta is changing the way the United States has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, after realizing that the new strain is causing the country to return to catastrophic numbers of new cases and deaths every day. Since February, the country has not recorded a moving average of more than 100,000 new cases per day. Governors and even the White House are showing their concern, and security measures, such as the mandatory use of masks, are being resumed. The Pentagon announced that it would require vaccinations for all active-duty soldiers.

Besides the aggressiveness of the new form, the denial of a large part of the population contributes to the new acceleration of the epidemic on American soil. In the country, where the anti-science movements lie in vaccines, only 46.13% of the population is immunized. This is in a country that has an abundance of immunizing agents, enough for 100% of the population.

Denial kills

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Monday (9) confirmed that more than 99% of deaths from Covid-19 in the past week were from people who refused to be vaccinated. Among those admitted to hospital, the unvaccinated proportion is 97%. “If I had known what I know now, I would definitely have been vaccinated,” worker Joshua Garza, 43, who lives in Texas, told the US television station. ABC. He had to undergo a double lung transplant last week to treat complications from Covid.

Southern states, which have historically been more conservative and aligned with the right and the far right, are showing a massive increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations. In Austin, Texas, a city of more than two million people, there were only 14 ICU beds available as of this early afternoon (local time).

The number of entry cases is exploding in Texas. The conservative state suffers from deprivation and lack of vaccination. Source: NewsNodes

no brazil

As of the beginning of this evening, Brazil has recorded 22.68% of the population fully immunized, with two doses or a single dose vaccine. 55.49% of Brazilians have already taken the first dose. However, while progress on vaccination and measures of social distancing are declining, the delta variant is gaining ground in the country. More contagious and resistant to the first doses of vaccines, the latest mutation of the coronavirus should become dominant in Brazil in the coming weeks. Health authorities such as the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Viocruz) warn that wherever the delta variant arrives, there is an explosion in cases and deaths among unvaccinated people.

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In balancing today’s pandemic, supported by the National Board of Health Trustees (Kaunas), Brazil has recorded 411 deaths due to COVID-19. With this, the total number of officially registered victims comes to 563,562 victims. During the period, 12,085 new cases were also reported, with a total of 2017 7,757 cases since the start of the pandemic, in March 2020.

The data on Monday is an underestimate, with fewer diagnoses being made on weekends, due to the rest of the health professionals. Plus, again, Ceará didn’t report the numbers for the day until the balance sheet closed, claiming technical issues. Data delays tend to correct in the coming days.

The vaccine protects

Although underreporting has been a reality since the start of the outbreak, vaccination progress in the country is still showing positive signs, though slow. Although the numbers remain tragically high, last week had the lowest number of deaths since the beginning of the year – 6,382 deaths. The number of deaths in this period is less than the worst weeks of the so-called first wave, between May and August 2020. It is also less than the so-called second, more deadly wave, which hit the country more between May and April of this year, and the number of deaths reached about three thousand per day.

Covid-19 numbers in Brazil. Source: Kunas


In Brazil, which does not adopt effective health measures to reduce the virus, and the vaccination coverage achieved so far is still insufficient to prevent the delta variant from causing damage, the scenario worries specialists more and more. Epidemiologist Dennis Jarrett, in a Twitter post, warned of the possibility of a repeat of the North American scenario in Brazil. It also provided guidance on how to reduce the risk of contamination. “It’s a basic warning. Moving average of cases in the US: eight weeks ago: 12386; four weeks ago: 254 29; two weeks: 52143; weekly: 78433. Today: 110,360. There is no evidence that the same exponential growth by delta will not It happens in Brazil. Take cover.”

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For my personal protection, besides the vaccine, of course, I follow a basic rule. I don’t share the air with anyone. Covid-19 is in the air. If I’m in a closed or poorly ventilated environment, I always have N95/PFF2 on,” the specialist added.