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The decision was announced today.

The decision was announced today.


The player’s position did not satisfy the council, which resorted to a serious penalty

Photo: Santos Football Club/YouTube - Rueda makes a tough decision against Santos goalkeeper
Photo: Santos Football Club / YouTube – Rueda makes a tough decision against the Santos goalkeeper

a saints It is a training facility for young talents in Brazilian and even international football. Peixe is increasingly attracting the European club lights due to the high quality of its youth teams. Chelsea, of England, reached out to Alvenegro Praiano to sign an exclusive partnership in negotiating these promises, but the agreement did not go forward. If coast-bred professionals exemplify the performance of the field, then sometimes working off the field becomes difficult.

A football player needs to devote himself to the profession very early, and in some cases even before the age of ten. Before getting to the professional teams, these promises go through several stages of base, where they have to give up free time to focus on work. The walk is going through more difficult moments, which require strong psychological strength to overcome. Goalkeeper Diogenes, 21, will have to live with one of these ordeals on Tuesday (20).

This is because Pixie’s reserve goalkeeper was removed from the main team as a penalty for indiscipline and fouls. Diogenes did not attend the activities intended for athletes who were not selected to face Palmeiras by Brazil. According to the Uol Esporte portal, this was not the first time a goalkeeper had failed to comply with the club’s orders, resulting in a penalty.

With the possibility of some specialists being traded for positions in the future, saints Diogenes may need to defend Villa Belmiro’s goal soon. While João Paulo usually receives polls frequently, Botafogo and São Paulo have already contacted the immediate protector, John.

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