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The Brazilian Football Confederation announces Fernando Diniz as the new coach of the Brazilian men’s soccer team

The Brazilian Football Confederation announces Fernando Diniz as the new coach of the Brazilian men’s soccer team

The contract lasts for one year, valid for FIFA dates. The entity’s president, Edinaldo Rodriguez, highlighted Diniz’s competence for the job

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) informs that Fernando Deniz He’s the new coach Brazilian men’s national team. The contract will last for a year and will start after the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in September.

The process took place, in silence and caution, respecting the necessary steps, the first of which was a conversation with the president of Fluminense, Mário Bittencourt, with the aim of not interfering with the work already being developed.

The President of the Brazilian Confederation, Ednaldo Rodriguez, was keen to keep the coach in the club during the competitions, so that it would not be activated at that moment except during the FIFA dates, when the matches in Brazil stopped.

“I made a choice befitting what the Brazilian fan deserves, given the current scenario. I thank the president, Mario Betancourt, for understanding the importance of a good response from the Brazilian Football Confederation to the fans. I have followed Fernando Diniz’s career since the beginning and I believe he is part of a promising new generation of coaches who He is growing in Brazil. I admire his way of seeing football which is similar to the style of the most important coaches in the world. I would like not only to integrate the football categories into the Brazilian Confederation the structural part that we advance, but also and fundamentally the style of play in all categories. Deniz will also have a lot For contributing to this mission. Once again I thank the club and its fans for the support and we will always be more complete, in my administration, responding to challenges with transparency and quality, ”Edinaldo Rodríguez declared.

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The new coach talked about happiness and the realization of the dream, in an invitation extended to him by the Brazilian Federation, and he accepted the leadership of the selection.

“I am very happy with the invitation and with the selection, I will definitely do my best for the CBF and for Brazilian football. It is a dream that I am fulfilling by being alongside great players, some of these athletes were my players when they were younger. Two come to mind.” The brains are Bruno Guimarães and Anthony.I was an opponent of some and many others.I ended up admiring playing in Brazil and Europe.So for me it will be a source of pride for me to be able to participate and I will try to help in every way.Every way I can.I believe my goal is to study and my pleasure In football it is to help the player bring out his creativity and creativity and to make him happy while playing football. This is what I have done throughout my career and this is what brought me here and what I will try to do for the players,” said Fernando Diniz.