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Sun Wukong can turn into a leader.

Sun Wukong can turn into a leader.

Black Myth Wukong is not just a game where the player eliminates enemies with a magic wand. The protagonist Sun Wukong will come equipped with various abilities, one of which is the ability to copy the appearances and powers of bosses.

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Many media outlets portray Sun Wukong in different ways, such as in the following cases: Jane Murrayfrom the god of high school, and Gokuin dragon ballwhere the magic staff is a striking element. Game Science, the developer of PS5, Xbox Series and PC, wants to go further, both in skills and gameplay. See what the company told VGC:

While the ability to use the weapons of your defeated enemies is a common concept in games of this type, assuming the body dimensions and full movements of that boss is an innovative approach that adds an extra element of challenge to the combat.

This has not been confirmed yet, but Wukong Sun He has many other interesting powers in other mods. The Monkey King, in addition to being able to mimic different appearances, creates clones, storms, and even has a flying cloud like Goku. On August 20, the release date of Black Myth Wukong, we will find out how Game Science worked with it!

Sony Will Have Exclusive Deal for Black Myth Wukong, Microsoft Suggests

It appears that Black Myth Wukong, which was delayed for Xbox Series release, has an exclusivity deal with Sony. At least that’s what Microsoft left open when commenting on why the date was changed on its console. Check it out here!

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