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Storm Isha in the United Kingdom: Strong winds prevent landing at Heathrow Airport

Storm Isha in the United Kingdom: Strong winds prevent landing at Heathrow Airport


Bad weather causes a lot of disruption in the UK. Winds reaching speeds of up to 145 km/h may halt transportation. Pictures published by Reuters show the difficulty of landing at London's largest airport due to strong winds.

Storm Isha, which has kept areas across the UK on alert since Sunday with winds of up to 145 kilometers per hour, has left thousands of people without power and affected the transmission network across the country. The strong winds caused disturbances at several airports. A video clip published by Reuters shows the difficulty of landing on the plane Heathrow Airportin London, including a plane that was unable to land, even after touching the runway, and returned to altitude.

Hey British Meteorological Service The Met Office issued a “yellow” warning on Monday, indicating the risk of transport disruption due to bad weather across the United Kingdom.

Serious transportation disruptions

The storm also caused the closure of many roads in the country, while the railway network imposed speed restrictions on most of its lines for safety reasons due to the risk of falling trees or structures.

Scottish Rail said no trains would run until all lines had been inspected and damage to network cables at at least 20 locations had been repaired.

In England, East Midlands Railway expected “delays and disruptions” on Monday, and in aviation, many flights were canceled or diverted.

A National Air Traffic Services spokesperson told local media: “Due to adverse conditions across the UK, temporary air traffic restrictions have been implemented. These restrictions are only in place to maintain safety.”

Thousands of homes are without electricity

Meteorologists indicated that “everyone” in the United Kingdom was affected by this storm, as 28 flood warnings were issued in England and 50 warnings in Scotland, with improvement expected, despite the continued wind and rain throughout the day.

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Irish grid maintenance company, ESB Networks, today reported more than 170,000 homes without power, while operator North West Electricity said nearly 8,000 homes were left without power.

SIC reporter Emmanuel Nunes provided an early morning update on the status of Storm Isha, which has affected the entire UK.

Northern Ireland's electricity networks have also been forced to hire hundreds of staff after about 45,000 customers contacted them about power outages.

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