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Sign your car; discover the new GWM system!

Sign your car; discover the new GWM system!

Have you ever thought about enjoying a new car without worrying about maintenance and wear and tear? GWM (Great Wall Motors)Chinese automaker launches attractive car subscription service.

In collaboration with giants in the car rental sector, such as Localiza, Movida, LM and Unidas, the company offers its customers the opportunity to drive the all-new Haval H6, the brand’s best-selling model. At the moment, Ora line vehicles are not yet included in the service, however, GWM promises new news soon.

This consumption model, which is already very popular in many parts of the world, allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of a new car, eliminating concerns about future sales and resale values. Furthermore, aspects such as insurance and regular maintenance are taken care of by the partner leasing companies, providing users with even more peace of mind.

What makes subscription cars an attractive option?

Imagine not having to worry about your car depreciating or having to make regular trips to the auto repair shop. That’s the convenience of a car subscription. What’s more, this service is flexible: you decide how long you want to keep the vehicle and how many miles you drive each month.

Plans are available at GWM for subscription.

a Great Wall Motors They offer several plan options that can range from 12 to 48 months, with mileage limits ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 km per month. These limits are cumulative and are only checked at the end of the contract. Want an example? If you choose the 1,000 km per month plan for one year, when you hand over the car, you must have driven a maximum of 12,000 km.

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Additionally, you can choose between four GWM partners, each with their own specifics and pricing ranges, allowing you to select the option that best meets your individual needs.

How does GWM vehicle subscription work?

Select model and version

  • Haval H6 HEV 2 – starting from R$5,349
  • Haval H6 PHEV 19 – starting at R$6,779
  • Haval H6 PHEV 34 – starting from R$7,319
  • Haval H6 GT – starting at R$9,699

Complete online recruitment

To sign up for your subscription, simply visit the official GWM website, select your vehicle version and desired plan. You will need to fill out a simple form with your personal details. Once everything is configured, the GWM team will contact you to finalize the process.

This business model offers unprecedented flexibility to enjoy a new car with complete peace of mind and convenience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drive an exceptional vehicle without the usual worries that come with car ownership.