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See the player-related case timeline

See the player-related case timeline

the Daniel Alves prison It was built during an episode that took place on December 30 in a nightclub in Barcelona.

the UOL He provided a chronology of the entire case involving the Brazil winger and predicted the next steps of the investigation.

photo: playback / instagram

That day, Daniel Alves was at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. According to the El Taquigrafo website, the nightclub’s security cameras show the Brazilian arriving with a boyfriend at around 2 am. They seem to be talking and dancing with several women.

Just over two hours later, the victim is seen going to the bathroom followed by Daniel Alves. There are no security cameras there. The woman is seen leaving the scene and again ends up following the athlete.

At the time, the suspicion was that Daniel Alves had touched the woman without permission. And he put his hand in her clothes. The victim would have been looking for the Catalan police, who arrived at the scene and did not find the player. She filed a report with the authorities shortly thereafter.

Yes, I was in that place, with more people, enjoy it. And everyone who knows me knows that I love to dance. I was dancing and having fun without invading other people’s space. I don’t know who this lady is. I have not invaded anywhere. How am I going to do this to a woman or girl? no I swear “ Daniel Alves for the Spanish TV show “Y ahora Sonsoles”

The Supreme Court of Catalonia accepted the complaint Police against the Brazilian. The court said in a statement that it had opened proceedings “for the alleged sexual assault”.

Daniel Alves and his wife, Joana Sanz, have been together for over 7 years—bearing—bearing
Image: reproduction

Joana Sanz, a Spaniard who is married to Daniel Alves, spoke about the player’s position and showed her confidence in her husband.

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I know who my husband is, I know how I met him, and I know how much he respects him because even when he was getting to know me, he had no respect for me. We came back to Barcelona on the 30th. He went to dinner with his friends and relax for a while, which he desperately needed for his head. He went out dancing and trying to enjoy the music as he liked. result. Theres nothing wrong with that” Joana Sanz for the Spanish radio “Antena 3”

The court set a hearing in the case for yesterday.. Request for investigation by the Catalan police who received the complaint. He received notice that he would be photographed and fingerprinted before giving his statement. In addition, the authorities warned that precautionary measures could already be taken.

Daniel Alves landed in Barcelona Voluntarily submitted for deposit.

The Brazilian contradicted himself when he spoke about the issue. According to “El Periódico”, he would have admitted to “consensual relations” with the woman, an account that contradicts what was said on January 5.

He was handcuffed He awaits the outcome of the trial in a cell with other investigators.

Shortly after the hearing, he was temporarily detained. that moment, Joanna posted a new photo in support of her husbandthis time with a picture of the couple’s hands intertwined.

Spanish judge Maria Concepción ordered Martin’s temporary detention And without having the right to bail Daniel Alves hours after the statement.

I issued the request after collecting the player’s lines, who was taken by a police car to the Bryan compound.

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The procedure that Daniel Alves underwent is unusual: It is usual that at least 72 hours pass between the statement to the police and the decision to arrest. In the case of the Brazilian, both occurred on the same day.

Daniel Alves laments during a Pumas game - Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images - Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images
Photo: Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images

Pumas, the team that signed Daniel Alves in the middle of last year, announced the termination of the contract for a valid reason with the player.

With the information that happened today regarding the lawsuit that Daniel Alves is facing, we report the following: Club Universidad Nacional [Pumas] The decision to terminate the contract with the player Daniel Alves was taken with good reason as of today. Leopoldo Silva, President of Pumas, at a press conference

next steps

Daniel Alves wearing a Pumas jersey from Mexico - Hector Vivas/Getty Images - Hector Vivas/Getty Images
Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Daniel Alves will be detained until the investigation is completed. He is in prison and underwent a medical and psychological examination before being sent to the cell, as is customary with any person. The place of detention is very different from normal Brazilian prisons, with cells for one or two people, a pool area and a library, for example.

Justice continues to investigateTaking witness testimonies, conducting on-site expertise, and evaluating medical examinations. There is a period of four years for the investigation to be completed, but the tendency is for the entire investigation to finish before then.