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See the FIIs that will pay the dividend in May

See the FIIs that will pay the dividend in May

In May, several real estate funds will pay dividends to their shareholders, including MXRF11 and XPLG11. See the full list.

MXRF11, HGLG11, and XPLG11: See which real estate funds will pay a dividend in May. Photo: Pixabay

Many real estate funds will pay earnings to its investors in the month of May, among which can be highlighted: MXRF11And HGLG11And GALG11And VGHF11And VISC11And XPLG11 that it URPR11.

Busiest session for FII earnings It will be May 15, 2023, when thirty-seven real estate funds will distribute the proceeds to their investors.

You Dividends from real estate funds Exempt from income tax for individuals, according to the legislation applicable to fisheries industries companies, which is one of the main attractions for those who invest in real estate funds.

you will receive Dividends from real estate funds Owners of shares purchased in the shares of fisheries companies until the end of the relevant deadlines. Therefore, you do not need to do anything else to access these earnings.

a MXRF11 Real Estate Fund You will pay R$0.12 per share in the dividend, which represents a monthly dividend yield of 1.14%, and will be paid on May 15, 2023.

actually FII HGLG11 It will pay a dividend of R$1.10 per share, with the payment also due on May 15th. These returns correspond to a monthly dividend of 0.68%.

FII’s dividend payments will begin on May 8, when the dividend takes place. VGHF11 Earnings And GALG11, for example. See list:

tape value per share
HSML11 0.74 Brazilian Real
LVBI11 0.76 Brazilian Real
PVBI11 0.61 Brazilian real
GALG11 0.08 Brazilian Real
RZTR11 0.85 Brazilian Real
BPFF11 0.62 Brazilian real
NSLU11 1.55 Brazilian reals
11 1.00 Brazilian Real
VGHF11 0.12 Brazilian real
HSAF11 1.10 Brazilian reals
ARRI11 0.11 Brazilian real

On May 9, dividends will be distributed from 3 more real estate funds:

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tape value per share
AIEC11 0.77 Brazilian Real
Battle 11 0.60 Brazilian Real
VTLT11 0.88 Brazilian Real

On May 10th, FIIB11 will pay R$3.25. In the next session, dividends will be paid from 6 additional funds:

tape value per share
KNIP11 1.00 Brazilian Real
KNCR11 1.00 Brazilian Real
VCJR11 1.10 Brazilian reals
KNHY11 Brazilian Real 1.20.00 Brazilian Real
KNSC11 0.95 Brazilian Real
HABT11 1.27 Brazilian reals

See the dividend to be paid on May 15th, with the busiest session for those investing with an eye on generating passive income with fisheries companies:

tape value per share
KFOF11 0.75 Brazilian Real
MFII11 0.91 Brazilian real
KNRI11 0.95 Brazilian Real
HGLG11 1.10 Brazilian reals
js 11 0.46 Brazilian Real
MXRF11 0.12 Brazilian real
HGRE11 0.78 Brazilian Real
VILG11 0.67 Brazilian Real
VISC11 0.82 Brazilian real
BBPO11 0.90 Brazilian Real
HSLG11 0.73 Brazilian real
HGCR11 Brazilian Real 1.20.00 Brazilian Real
GTWR11 0.79 Brazilian Real
VRTA11 0.95 Brazilian Real
Fino 11 0.31 Brazilian real
SDIL11 0.83 Brazilian real
XPPR11 0.10 Brazilian Real
XPCI11 0.87 Brazilian Real
TRXF11 0.85 Brazilian Real
SARE11 0.62 Brazilian real
TEPP11 0.52 Brazilian Real
Sadist 11 1.00 Brazilian Real
OUJP11 1.25 Brazilian reals
URPR11 1.32 Brazilian reals
KISU11 0.07 Brazilian Real
MFAI11 0.29 Brazilian Real
VIUR11 0.07 Brazilian Real
RBHY11 Brazilian Real 1.20.00 Brazilian Real
VCRR11 0.71 Brazilian real
HGRU11 0.85 Brazilian Real
Mall 11 0.78 Brazilian Real
TGAR11 1.35 Brazilian reals
XPLG11 0.74 Brazilian Real
BBPO11 0.90 Brazilian Real
GTWR11 0.79 Brazilian Real
HGBS11 1.45 Brazilian reals
HFOF11 0.63 Brazilian real

As the month of May wraps up, A.J earnings of BARI11 will be paid out on the 22nd, at R$0.90 per share, while the proceeds of BCIA11 will be distributed on the 29th.

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