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See CPFs in the list

See CPFs in the list

Thousands of Brazilians have been eagerly awaiting their long-awaited income tax refund, which began being issued on the last day of May, however, only those in the priority group have been covered so far. Check the payment schedule for the second installment.

See CPFs in the list
The second installment of your 2024 income tax refund already has a date: see the CPFs in the list
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Income tax is a tax present in many countries, where every taxpayer is obligated to pay a certain percentage of his income to the government. Through the declaration, he informs the Federal Revenue Service about it Enter The previous year.

This includes: salary, end-of-service benefits, work programmes, asset sale, investment recovery, among others. Second payment of recovery It will be available on June 28.

Who is entitled to an income tax refund?

According to specialist Laura Alvarenga, an IRPF refund is the return of the excess amount paid in the tax return. Every person who declares the tax is entitled to a refund if there is a balance to be returned. Find out who the priorities are:

  • Seniors over 80 years of age;

  • Seniors aged 60 to 79 years;

  • Taxpayers who suffer from any physical or mental disability or serious illness;

  • Taxpayers whose largest source of income is teaching.

  • Residents suffering from climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul;

  • Who chose PIX as a payment method.

When there are amounts to be paid, the Premium Can be done to federal revenue In cash or in installmentsWith the option of automatic deduction from the taxpayer’s account. The refund amount is distributed in installments and is adjusted based on the base interest rate, SELIC.

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Income tax payment calendar

Travel agency: June 28;
third batch: July 31;
Fourth batch: August 31;
Fifth batch: September 30.

How to check the value of the second installment of income tax refund?

  • Taxpayers must have access to tax authority;

  • Click in “My income tax“;

  • In the “Services” option, select “My Refund Consultation”;

  • Enter your CPF number and date of birth;

  • Refund amount will be available.

Other information about income tax is available here at FDR.

Join the FDR community and get free information on your Whatsapp!

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