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Royal biographer says Prince Harry has sought lawyers to divorce Meghan

Royal biographer says Prince Harry has sought lawyers to divorce Meghan

Prince Harry, who is married to actress Meghan Markle, reportedly sought divorce attorneys this year. This information is from Royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell. The couple’s split had already been speculated since the end of last year when a biographer told the press that the couple would be living in separate homes.

Campbell is a British socialite who has published more than a dozen books on the British royal family, the most recent of which: “Meghan and Harry: The True Story”, in the literal translation, “Meghan and Harry: The True Story”.

Rumors gained steam after British journalist Petronella White posted on social media that Meghan Markle would be out clubbing without Harry. “Friends of mine who live close to Harry and Meghan always meet Meghan at parties these days. Oddly enough, she tends to leave Harry at home,” the journalist wrote.

According to Lady Coleen Campbell. The couple had been having problems for quite some time. “I mean, I heard from five completely reliable sources that Harry called lawyers a few months ago,” said the biographer.

However, the couple still appears in public. Recently, they were in New York for the Women with Vision event. “The problem is, the information doesn’t necessarily align with your public image. But, of course, your public image is presented, in a sense, for financial gain,” Cullen explained.

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