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Renato Aragão’s daughter exploded after giving a lecture on productivity

Renato Aragão’s daughter exploded after giving a lecture on productivity

levian aragao, Daughter of comedian Renato Aragão, He sparked controversy on social media after publishing an excerpt from a lecture he gave in which he talks about productivity and asks why one person is more productive than another.

“Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Why do some people manage to do so many things, while others seem to get nowhere? The name for this is productivity, how you manage your time. The sun shines for everyone. What do we do with these 24 hours we have Per day?” she asked in the video. look here!


Levian Aragão
Levian Aragão

Livia Aragão
The young woman is 20 years old

She is studying in Los Angeles

The motivational speech from the former Bumbler heiress wasn’t good. Netizens tried to highlight that the 24-year-old is the daughter of a famous comedian and therefore has a good financial situation.

Livian Aragao defends herself

After the repercussions of Levian’s speech, the motivational coach returned to Instagram to respond to the criticism and explain the cutting of the video in which she talks about productivity. According to her, it was never her intention to “say that everyone has the same opportunities,” because “that statement would be wrong.”

“The target audience for this lecture is people who wanted to learn how to be more productive but were unable to do so, despite having privileges,” she says. “There was no specific, specialized group that was generalizing, and it was not addressing the entire world.”

She added: “I know how wrong this statement is, especially in a country like Brazil, which suffers from ridiculous inequality and where a large part of the population works more than 8 hours to be able to support their families.”

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Watch the full pose here!