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PTI-BR and Unioeste foster a moment of interaction and knowledge for students of the Computer Science course - O Presente

PTI-BR and Unioeste foster a moment of interaction and knowledge for students of the Computer Science course – O Presente

Last Wednesday afternoon (20), Itaipu Technology Park – Brazil (PTI-BR) welcomed the visit of students from the first and second year of the Computer Science course at Unioeste. The initiative came from both institutions with the aim of linking the solutions developed by the project implementation centers to the university.

On this occasion, the students were greeted by the advisor to the Technical Director of PTI-BR, Tatiani Marcanzoni, and then were introduced to the Center for Technological Development (CDT) and the projects developed on site by the Centers for Regenerative Dam Structures. Energies, Automation, Simulation, and Cyber ​​Security.

The group also had the opportunity to experience actions and initiatives implemented by the Centers for Science and Education, through LabMaker, the Center for Open Technologies, Internet of Things and Regional Intelligence.

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The activity was accompanied by the Professor from Unioete, Antonio Marcos Hachisuka, better known as “Shiro”, who highlighted the importance of the visit. The goal was to give students the opportunity to learn about PTI projects, labs, and career opportunities in computing. As well as awakening interest in an area that they did not know existed in the technology park,” he said.

For student Lucas Tomio Darim, the visit to the PTI labs was very important because it allowed the students to discover different areas of activity in the park. “It gave us the opportunity to better understand the areas we love and it opened a channel of communication for us to work as volunteers, scholarship holders or interns in these laboratories,” he noted.

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On what impressed him most during his visit, Lucas commented on the diversity of the institution’s fields of activity, covering a wide range of teaching areas. “Moreover, many of these labs are interdisciplinary, where people from different perspectives come together to solve common problems,” he said.

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The technical visit is part of a series of initiatives by the Technology Park to bring the institution closer to the academic communities, allowing the meeting between the student and the professional world in the field of technology.

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