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Popó sends a letter to Bambam and challenges MC Livinho to a boxing match

Popó sends a letter to Bambam and challenges MC Livinho to a boxing match

ESPN.com.brAug 27, 2023 at 01:05 amReading: 2 minutes.

Popó speaks during the press conference for Fight Music Show 3Fight Music Show / Mariana Lima

In the main event of Fight Music Show 3, at Club Hebraica, in São Paulo, He gave Aselino “Bobo” Freitas a boxing lesson and smashed Junior Doblean influencer famous for playing Vin Diesel.

After 15 seconds into the fight, Bobo delivered a hook that knocked Junior Dobley to the ground. The mover followed him, but the former world boxing champion’s hands were too heavy, with blows to the opponent’s waist and chin. One minute into the round, Junior Dobley fell again and his team threw in the towel, ending the fight.

After the fight, Bobo actually challenged his next opponent. The boxing legend wants to take on MC Livinho, who minutes earlier won the Influencers’ Championship by destroying Dynho Alves on Fight Music Show.

“MC Livinho, I’m with you. You’re much younger than me, but I don’t eat anything, Bahia doesn’t eat reggae, it’s a punch in the head bro. It won’t be a show fight, it will be a real fight,” Bobo said. his belt.”

The boxing legend even sent a message to Clipper BamBam. The former BBB and Popó have exchanged barbs several times, including in the final match of FMS 3, on Friday, where BamBam appeared and provoked the former world champion.

Bobo started on top of the Bambam, but was restrained.

“BamBam wants to show up, we want people who want to fight. Those who are here are here to fight, not to promote themselves. I want to trade blows, come on Livigno, the old man is here!”

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Popó was the star on all three editions of Fight Music Show. First, Wenderson Nunes won. And in the second he knocked out Pele Landy.