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Pope Francis tells Catholics to give up worldly trappings

Pope Francis tells Catholics to give up worldly trappings

On Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent for Catholics around the world, Pope Francis urged the faithful to free themselves from “worldly traps” and focus on what is truly necessary.

In a world where everything, including our deepest emotions and feelings, must become “social.”“The Pope said in his homily,”Lent invites us to step off the stage and return to our hearts, to the truth of who we are“.

Back to Basics: Pope Francis' Appeal

Criticizing the tendency to expose one's life on social media, Pope Francis emphasized the need for believers to find time for silent contemplation and prayer within their “inner parts.”

“Life is not a play,” he warned. “We are not afraid to strip ourselves of worldly trappings and return to the heart, to what is essential.

Lent: A time for contemplation and penance

Lent is an important period for Christians, as it symbolizes the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert, according to the Bible. This period leads to Easter, which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most important event for followers of Christianity.

During Lent, Catholics are called to fast, remember those in need, and reflect on deaths.

Ash Wednesday ceremony in Rome

The Lent opening service was held at the Basilica of Santa Sabina, on the Aventine Hill, Rome. The ceremony was preceded by a prayer in a nearby church and a procession of cardinals and bishops.

During the ceremony, participants received ashes on their heads. This is a ritual that reminds Catholics, more than 1.35 billion worldwide, of human mortality.

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Amid the celebrations and ceremonies, Pope Francis' message remains clear: the necessity of rejecting worldly influences and focusing on the essence of faith.