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pix scam |  File a complaint in advance

pix scam | File a complaint in advance

Henrik Lien, from Protestidisclosure

Posted on 19/09/2023 at 00:00


I have been a victim of a Pix scam. They called me pretending to be my sister and I ended up making a transfer of R$1,500. After a few minutes, I noticed the scam and called the bank, but was told that nothing could be done. correct?

Needy Cristina, Javia.

Sadly, cases like Naid’s are all too common. Although the central bank is implementing new security measures to ensure more trust for Pix users, fraud still exists, unfortunately.
According to Henrique Lien, Director of Corporate Relations at Proste, although banks have objective responsibility and are responsible for the lack of security, it is often difficult to recover amounts transferred by a client administratively using a password. Therefore, it is very important to collect evidence to prove that what happened was indeed a coup. “Our recommendation to her, in addition to contacting the bank itself and requesting that the transaction be blocked, is to print proof of the transfer and register a police report at the police station or virtually on the police stations’ electronic platforms. The sooner these procedures are taken the better,” he advises.
It is also important for Neide to register a complaint with consumer protection bodies. Finally, another possible action is to file a formal complaint with the Central Bank, against the institution that receives undue amounts, i.e. when the alleged fraudster has an account.
To avoid this type of fraud, always be suspicious when you receive a message from a friend saying that he is having difficulty making payment and needs help, highlights lawyer Atilla Nunes of the service www.reclamaradianta.com.br. The service is free via email [email protected] or via WhatsApp (21) 99328-9328.
Cases solved by the Reclamar Adianta team (WhatsApp: 21 – 99328-9328 – for messages only): Judith Mendonça (Oi), Santiago Montero (Americanas.com), Jaime Andrade (Magalu).

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