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Pigs help build eco-house in England;  Find out how

Pigs help build eco-house in England; Find out how

A couple in Caerphilly, Wales have found a creative solution to building their dream eco-friendly home. Using the help of two pigs called Cagney and Lacey, the animals did not directly participate in the demolition, but worked on the land removing ferns grown by the previous owner. While foraging for food such as earthworms, pigs inadvertently uproot plants, providing a more sustainable approach to disposal.

Elizabeth Ostrowski, in an interview with the South Wales Argus, explained, “In general, it is difficult to remove ferns without resorting to harmful chemicals.” With the participation of pigs, the removal of unwanted plants took place in a very ecological way.

Apart from the house, the couple maintains gardens, vegetable gardens and mushroom cultivation at the site. The property includes space for hosting visitors, a woodshed and a lake. Committed to sustainable practices, they use composting toilets, solar energy and environmentally friendly laundry products.

The project was recognized as a finalist in the National Welsh Environment Awards, which highlight sustainable initiatives in Wales.

In general, it should be noted that ferns are poisonous plants. Everton Crabbe, general manager of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Institute for Pigs and Poultry (Embrapa), warns of the risks of poisoning for animals in contact with these plants and recommends not sharing the same space.

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