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Nubank launches “Build a Limit” option;  See how it works

Nubank launches “Build a Limit” option; See how it works

a nubank It is a Brazilian startup in the financial services sector and operates as a credit card and financial technology operator with operations in Brazil.

In addition to offering a free digital account, the bank is increasing the number of services. Fintech already works with many services, such as personal loan up to 90 payment days and installments over 24 months, payroll, secured loan, pixel, bank transfers and credit card.

A credit card is one of Nubank’s most popular services, and for many customers, releasing it becomes more difficult due to the bureaucracy of credit analysis.

In order to build a credit relationship with its customers and get to know their financial habits better, the bank allows in its application the function of “Build Limit on Nubank”, which aims to understand the financial flow to offer future credits to customers who do not have a limit yet.

In the function provided, the customer must reserve an amount to use as a credit limit, which will create a limit equivalent to the credit of his card. Although this limit is reserved for the credit card, it will not generate revenue, as it will not be used within your account for transactions. This hold can be refunded at any time, as long as it is not committed to purchases made with your credit card.

The Build Limit function allows purchases in installments, as long as the customer pays the invoice on the due date, and increases the chances of getting a limit as you need it.

It is possible to use a credit card with a regular card in any establishment that accepts this function, the ability to make local and international purchases and pay for subscription services.

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The customer can pay the bill using the account balance or through a bank voucher. Thus, once the institution acknowledges the payment, that amount will be released as available in the credit function.