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Never store your cell phone in these 8 places if you don’t want to put yourself at high risk

Never store your cell phone in these 8 places if you don’t want to put yourself at high risk

Use cell phone It has become an essential part of our lives. However, it is important to remember that not all places are suitable for storing and using this device, as this may lead to serious health consequences. Here are eight places it’s best to avoid using or storing your cell phone:

1. In the bathroom

Spending a lot of time on your cell phone while you’re in the bathroom can cause serious health problems, such as hemorrhoids, due to the extra pressure in the area. In addition, exposing a cell phone to this environment may cause damage radioactive contamination by bacteria.

2. In a bra

Although there are no definitive conclusions, keeping your cell phone in your bra can pose health risks, such as the possibility of breast cancer. Additionally, there is a risk of burns due to the heat generated by the device.

3. In your trouser pocket

Keeping your cell phone in your pants pocket not only causes local discomfort and pain due to friction, but also increases radiation exposure, which can affect male fertility.

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4. Under the pillow

Storing your phone under your pillow is dangerous, especially when charging, because it can overheat, cause fires, and in extreme cases, lead to fatal shocks.

5. At the kitchen sink

Surprisingly, cell phones can be dirtier than toilets. They contain many fungi and bacteria that can be harmful to health, so it is advised to avoid using them near the kitchen sink.

6. On the table

Using a cell phone at the table during meals can negatively affect concentration, taste perception, and digestion, leading to problems such as: anxiety and gases.

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7. In the car

Using your cell phone without proper support in a car is very dangerous, as it is distracting and greatly increases the risk of traffic accidents.

8. In the stroller

Exposing very young children to screens can harm their cognitive development and cause problems with vision, expression, and sleep. It is important to keep cell phones away from strollers.

It is therefore necessary that we think about where and how we use our mobile phones, as this can have a significant impact on our lives health And in wellness. Observing these simple precautions can help you live a healthier and safer life.