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Gabigol sendo observado por Renato Augusto no jogo Flamengo x Corinthians

Neto opened the match and said how Corinthians had a better chance of being champion against Flamengo

Former player and now presenter and Commentator Netto He didn’t run far off the lane, revealing how he thinks Corinthians have a better chance of being champion Brazil Cup. Alvenegro’s former No. 10 shirt has formed an opinion about a decisive factor in the course of the last two matches against Flamengo, but it is not a question of tactics or technique.

On the program Baita Amigos on Friday (16), Neto said Corinthians’ success in the Copa del Rey final against Flamengo depends on the field leadership lottery. According to the band’s presenter, it is imperative that Alvenegro plays the first match in the finals at the New Coimica Arena.

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Neto said: “Against a team like Flamengo, it’s important to play the first team at home. Because if you throw it away first and get 2-0, it’s over. It can’t turn in the arena. So you have to play at home and beat the Maracana 1 -0 “.

Journalist Rodrigo Visone, of Meu Timão, disagreed with Neto over the arrangement of the finals against Flamengo. He said: “If you play on our home ground first, you need to perform and get the score. Throwing the first away, you just need the score, you just need to survive.”

And former goalkeeper Veloso, an idol of Palmeiras, agreed with Neto. The commentator said: “Against Flamengo, you have to play on your home ground first. If not, he comes home dead.”

Flamengo and Corinthians will decide the 2022 Copa del Rey on October 12 and 19. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) will draw the field leaders on Tuesday (20), at 11 am. Rede Globo, Premier, Sportv and Prime Video broadcast the finals.

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