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Mysterious claw found in UK backyard

Mysterious claw found in UK backyard

It was just any other day for Laura Moorcroft, who lives in Flintshire, in the north of the United Kingdom, but a discovery in her backyard left her in a panic. She saw a mysterious claw and immediately thought it was a “prehistoric beast”.

“I immediately thought it was a dinosaur. My husband and I came back from a trip and he noticed. [a garra] On the grass,” he told Penn News.

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The limb of the animal was discovered on March 30, and the species has not been identified by any experts since then.

📷 Mysterious Nail Found in Backyard |Reproduction/Laura Moorcroft

Laura posted a photo of the nail on social networks and waited for comments from Internet users. However, guesses were not lacking, and ranged from “a big chicken” to an alligator and a turtle. “Someone said they saw it [ser garra de] A pheasant, another, [de] A turkey, so we don’t know yet,” commented Laura.

To solve the mystery, Laura sent the claw to experts at Chester Zoo, but has yet to receive a response.

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