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Mexico urges US to respect domestic policy – News

The Mexican government on Friday (4) stressed not to fund voluntary organizations that “interfere” in domestic politics, after the White House issued a note saying it prioritises support for organizations and the fight against corruption.

“Mexico seeks to get funding from foreign governments to respect the internal government,” Foreign Minister Marcelo Abbott told a news conference at the National Palace.

The Chancellor also recalled a diplomatic note sent to the US embassy on May 6 to complain to Mexican President Andr லs Manuel Lopez Obrador about an association he considers a “coupist” and “opponent” against corruption and punishment.

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“Mexico has elements aimed at influencing political action and public opinion, which is why Mexico presented a diplomatic note,” the minister said.

It was reported on Thursday that US President Joe Biden had ordered the fight against corruption to be given priority, saying the practice “attacks the foundations of democracy.”

Biden’s government has said it will set $ 4 billion (at the current rate of $ 20.2 billion) for Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador over the next few years to mitigate irregular migration.

Washington wants most of the help to go to local civil, international and religious organizations that work with residents of these spaces to prevent corporate corruption.

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Ebrard, who was questioned by the press, denied that the circular referred to Mexico, saying he “respects what the United States has been doing for many years, supporting various organizations.”

Still, he called for reciprocal action, recalling that U.S. law prohibits funding for Mexican charities.

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“Mexico proposes that its law, in short, prevent companies that receive these resources from interfering in, participating in, or influencing the political process in Mexico,” he analyzed.