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Lula failed in the Amazon summit as he failed in the South American summit.  Read the review

Lula failed in the Amazon summit as he failed in the South American summit. Read the review

a Amazon top It exposed the differences between the countries of the region. Exactly like Summit May South America. The outcome statement does not include targets for reducing deforestation or a common position on oil exploration – the two main pillars of climate change. The reasons for the failure were the same at both peaks.

The country’s leadership is based on four pillars: the territorial, economic, technological and military projection. Strategic scenario, political positions, practice of diplomacy. The advantages offered by the first two are offset by the poor management of the latter two.

Projection Brazil In the context of South America it is presented for geographical and economic reasons.

President Lula takes part in the Amazon Summit in Belém, capital of Para, August 9, 2023. filming: EVARISTO SA / AFP

At least seven factors favor the strategic scenario: the main role Amazon in climate regulation; demand for renewable energy, food and strategic minerals; The dispute between Western democracies and the axis of authoritarian regimes headed by China that it Russia; American and European interest in transforming value chains to reduce dependence on China; disagreement between we that it Europe By markets and suppliers.

Brazil made it to the top of Amazon with strong credentials. The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), a reliable asset, recorded a 34% decrease in deforestation in the first half, 41% in June and 66% in July. In addition to an 82% decrease in deforestation between 2004 and 2012, thanks to a program launched by the same entities – Lola that it Marina Silva These numbers give Brazil moral authority.

Lola’s support Oil prospects off the coast of the Amazon overshadow this origin. Any government that supports new oil exploration projects is subject to scrutiny. Ask the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. Along with coal, oil is largely responsible for global warming. In a biome as sensitive and crucial as the Amazon, the proposal causes panic.

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Activists protest against oil drilling in the Amazon region amid a summit held by Brazil in Belém, August 6, 2023. filming: AP Photo/Eraldo Peres

Lula also arrived at the South American summit with impeccable credentials: Brazilian institutions have just overcome the biggest challenge to democracy since 1964 coupAnd with attempts Jair Bolsonaro To remain in power despite the electoral defeat.

Lula burned this political capital, By supporting the Venezuelan dictatorship and evasive about Human rights violations in Nicaragua. Your protective instincts single uruguay, And run the same risks with ArgentinaAnd If the Peronists lose the October elections.

Finally, Lula reversed the natural order of diplomacy by holding these summits without holding meetings beforehand, first at the level of technicians, then secretaries, moving to ministers, culminating with presidents, in order to build rapprochement. Leadership is not imposed. It is earned through hard work.