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Luiz Felipe accepts a salary cut and continues at Santos in 2024 |  Saints

Luiz Felipe accepts a salary cut and continues at Santos in 2024 | Saints

Defender Luiz Filipe, who played last season on loan at Atletico-Go, accepted the salary cut offered by the club. Santos Thus, his inclusion in the Pixies squad for 2024 was guaranteed. The defender was the sixth name in the group that adapted to the new financial reality of Villa Belmiro.

With “Yes” by Luiz Felipe Santos The list of defenders has been closed for this season. In addition to him, Pixie includes Joao Basso, Messias, Alex Nascimento, Jair Cunha and Joachim for the position. However, Flamengo, Sporting and Olympiacos were investigated last on the list and could be negotiated even before the Paulista Championship begins.

Luiz Felipe's goal for Santos in 2022

Relegated to the Brazilian second division and suffering from a serious financial crisis, the current board of directors Santos He cut costs, laid off athletes and staff, and readjusted the budget to fit the club's new reality. So far, in addition to Luiz Felipe, Peixe has renegotiated the salaries of Tomas Rincon, Julio Forche, Joaquim, Messias and Joao Paulo.

Luiz Felipe during Santos training – Photo: Raul Barreta/Santos Club

In the coming days, the trend is for the team to announce new agreements. For example, striker Alfredo Morelos is in negotiations with… Santos. The Colombian has already indicated that he accepts a reduction, but talks are still ongoing.

According to President Marcelo Teixeira, the actors' salary is about R$8 million. However, there are names that need to be negotiated, such as Rodrigo Fernandez, Dudu, Mendoza, Paolo Mazzotti and Diogenes.