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Lofredo questions whether Gattito was the initiator and sees a triple mistake in Diego Lorero's transfer to Botafogo

Lofredo questions whether Gattito was the initiator and sees a triple mistake in Diego Lorero’s transfer to Botafogo

Diego Loreiro It was one of the most talked about topics over the weekend, due to the fatal error in Botafogo’s 1-1 draw with him Atlético join Goiania, by Brazilian Championship. retained as owner, Kitty Fernandez He remained on the bench because he was still recovering.

commentator Andre Loveredoof SporTV News doubts whether Paraguay was really the initiator.

– Is he the owner? I don’t know, you have to see what the level is. long time. He’s back, he wasn’t sure – said Lofredo, before talking about Diego Loreiro.

– A very serious failure multiplier. He has a very bad director and it has distracted him. Or even triple, from the idea of ​​not kicking at all, of having to go out and play, is it better to make a mistake than kick? not. If you have no choice, Atlético-GO is in the lead, it is better not to sell. He added that it was a mistake, he lost focus and took the classic chicken.

For a journalist, Botafogo is worth having a tie.

– The team improved after Luis Castro He made substitutions, went up, and created enough for an eventual draw, in a very unlucky move by Barcelona. But she did. So much so that there are two critical and controversial steps – he recalls.

– In the head on the arm itself, it makes no sense to mark the penalty. There is no self-punishment, I cannot carry out a punishment by myself. The other movement is interpretive. Diego Gonçalves is trying to participate in the play? Attempt. Is this involved? For me, it didn’t affect anything. The assistant indicated an offside position. The VAR needed to call the referee for him to assess the show and it was considered an engagement – he added.

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