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Leila Pereira describes John Textor as an “idiot” and reveals: “It all started with 4-3 to Palmeiras”

Leila Pereira describes John Textor as an “idiot” and reveals: “It all started with 4-3 to Palmeiras”

Palmeiras club president, Leila Pereira, spoke again about the accusations leveled by Botafogo club owner, John Textor, of fixing Brazilian football results in recent seasons. The executive director of the Sao Paulo club called for evidence of corruption, and said that she considered these allegations a “disgrace.”

“This gentleman, pardon the expression, is an idiot. What John Textor is thinking is that Brazil is in chaos and the authorities are not taking any action. To stop this, I think,” Leila Pereira said during the “Roda Viva” program on TV Cultura. “This man should be banned from playing Brazilian football.”

Laila also pointed out that the Botafogo president did not overcome Palmeiras' comeback in the match against Botafogo in the Brazilian Championship last year. “It all started with a score of 4-3 for Palmeiras. You can be sure. The club (Palmeras) lost 3-0 in the first half. In the 37th minute, a penalty kick and then the historic 4 to 3 turnaround. What manipulation there?”

At the beginning of the month, John Textor submitted a report in which he pointed out the manipulation of the results in the match between Palmeiras and São Paulo, in which the tricolor team lost 5-0, in October 2023. According to the text, at least five athletes from São Paulo Paulo could have ruined the game.

“A total of seven players showed abnormal deviations in key goal-scoring situations, although only five exceeded the limits that would constitute clear and convincing evidence of game manipulation,” the document noted.

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At the time, São Paulo spoke out in an official statement and disavowed these “serious and baseless” allegations. “Such an assertion without any evidence attacks the suitability of the players in the men's professional team and the integrity of the São Paulo FC Foundation in its 94-year history. The club has already activated its legal department, which will study the matter and take appropriate legal action,” the club said. .

Leila Pereira also spoke about this on Monday. “What manipulation is there when we beat Sao Paulo 5-0? When will Sao Paulo hand a game to their arch-rivals? I think he (Textor) is crazy,” the president said.

In his testimony before the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) investigating match-fixing and sports betting in Brazilian soccer, the president reiterated the allegations and, according to Senator Jorge Cajuro, provided “very important evidence” during the meeting.