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Justice returns Petro Mendes to the chairmanship of the Petrobras Board of Directors

Justice returns Petro Mendes to the chairmanship of the Petrobras Board of Directors

For the judge, conflict can occur in a relationship between public and private interests. “The prohibition regarding the existence of a conflict of interest should be interpreted exclusively, that is, between public and private interests, and not between situations arising from public functions, as in the case of the Minister of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels of the Government.” The Ministry of Mines and Energy, whose mission is to maintain public order, and not describe the alleged conflict of interest and insult the company’s articles of association.”

The decision is consistent with the AGU's argument. The authority said that there is no conflict of interest for an employee who performs two public jobs – not one public and one private. “In principle, a convergence of interests is envisaged, given that the union is the largest shareholder in the company,” they said.

The judge also cited “harm or risk to the beneficial outcome of the process” if the deportation was not reversed. “Especially, given the decision to suspend payment of their salaries, which could have a significant financial impact on their lives, including potentially compromising their livelihood.”

The advisor was reappointed

Monday (15). The same judge ordered that Sergio Machado Rezende be reinstated to the Petrobras board of directors.

Party affiliation. Rezende was removed from his position by a lower court judge who accepted arguments from a common civil suit that his appointment did not comply with state law, because he was affiliated with the PSB.