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Joice Hasselmann shows the “guitar body” after losing 24 kg and the web refers to the photo modification: “waist adjustment”

Joyce Hasselman showed off her new body after losing 24 kg.

photo: Playback, Instagram/Purepeople

Joyce Hasselman She got her body back in shape, this time to show that he is gaining muscle after a significant weight loss. With my protocol – delicious – In 2019 I dried more than 24 kg of fat Quickly and I was so skinny and all without extreme physical activity. Just 20 minutes walk and exercise indoors. Since I was so fat, I was ashamed to go to the gym. That’s why I stayed away.”

Former federal deputy, who created an Instagram page to share her weight-loss process with her followers, assumed she thought she was too skinny after the end result of the diet. “I miss the curves I always had (before gaining weight), and the big butt to accentuate my slim waist and thighs. It’s my natural biotype,” she warned.

How did Joyce Hasselman gain muscle and curves?

To get back the body she loves, Joice Hasselmann has begun a new protocol, this time to “gain mass and muscle without putting on a single gram of fat.” “In 6 months the body has returned to the guitar stage. The weight here is only from the muscles,” he declared, showing his before and after photos.

Then she warns Joyce that she still has a long way to go to achieve her main goal. “I’m fifty years old [anos] I will have the best health of my entire life, the greatest satisfaction with my body I have ever had, and the complete joy of looking at myself and seeing myself as I always wanted to be.”

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