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JBS and Tyson Sign Million Dollar Agreement on Labor Action in USA |  Commercial

JBS and Tyson Sign Million Dollar Agreement on Labor Action in USA | Commercial

The lawsuit alleges both companies violated antitrust laws Breeding

JBS and Tyson Foods, two major meat producers in the United States, have reached a settlement with the country's courts and agreed to pay US$127.2 million to settle allegations that they underpaid workers at processing plants. This information comes from Reuters Agency.

According to the release, the companies representing workers in 140 processing units are alleging that wages are being kept artificially low.

A lawsuit pending in Colorado state court alleges the companies violated antitrust laws by sharing confidential compensation data through surveys and meetings.

Tyson and JPS are required under their contracts to provide workers' compensation data, documents and testimony when plaintiffs pursue pending claims.

Brazil's JPS, the world's largest beef producer, has agreed to pay US$55 million under the deal. US-based Tyson will pay US$72.25 million.

Neither company immediately responded to Reuters' requests for comment, but they denied the plaintiffs' allegations and made no wrongdoing part of their settlements.

Earlier, Perdue agreed to pay $1.25 million, while Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods said they would pay a total of $10 million to get out of the lawsuit.

In their settlement request, the workers' attorneys said, “After protracted and costly litigation, the value of immediate recovery outweighs the potential for future relief.”


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