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It’s #fact: Video shows “deadly” stairs during construction |  Real or fake

It’s #fact: Video shows “deadly” stairs during construction | Real or fake

A video is circulating on social media showing a person descending from the top of a staircase with dozens of narrow steps, without a comfortable footrest and without any side protection from falling into the abyss. it’s the truth.

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The Brazilian version is a minute and a half long and is shorter than the original video, at 2:26 minutes, posted on Introductory account TikTok in Vietnam.

The full video has more than 610 million likes and shows other workers assembling the ladder.

One The second video A building is shown with the same patterns of steps, terraces and windows, but with wood cladding and fall protection. In this second video there is a comment saying that the first video was just a skeleton, and that everything now looks safe and beautiful.

Image taken from the viral video of the stairs before completion (left) and after completion (right) – Image: Reproduction

Photo of the staircase under construction (left) and after completion (right) — Photo: Reproduction

The profile that posted the full version presents himself as a residential staircase maker in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. In addition to other films on this topic, it presents connection To a business page displaying other models.

It’s #Fact: Deadly Staircase video shows works under construction in Vietnam – Image: Reproduction

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