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“I will not veto” TV news

“I will not veto” TV news

Antonio Jay shoes He revealed on Saturday morning (28) that he would no longer save Gabriel Tavares from a potential wall with Corenga Bauer in BBB 23. the fighter, who have plans to put three members of the rival group in the hot seatShe retracted the decision after her patience with the ally ran out. They disagreed about how the model treated Larisa Santos during the party.

The athlete also assessed that no one in the house was willing to fortify Anita’s past relationship with the angel. He also provided details about the conversation he had with the official earlier. “I said, ‘Which way are you going again?'” I won’t remember the exact words, but it was like, “You know you do bad things, right?”

Sabato said he no longer believed in a change in Gabriel’s position within the game. “I already saw that he wasn’t there yesterday, the moment Bruna asked about the saint, I started to get annoyed by his attitudes,” he admitted.

Afterwards, Paula Freitas questioned the athlete about the possibility of saving the young man with the power of Coringa. “I’m not going to veto him,” expelled Antonio. “If only he and everyone else in the group were there?” she insisted. “He’s not going it alone,” answered the former UFC fighter.

Finally, Sabato still mentions that he is so impatient with Gabriel that he calls him “stupid” during the discussion:

Like: “Man, you’re talking to me, not my gimme.” I kind of got excited, and I said, ‘Stop being stupid, don’t you understand that you’re stupid, do you? The person here is trying to help you, and you’re trying to get everything off?’. But I’ve already mentioned that to him before.

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