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“I will have to forego 60% of the salary”;  Braz's dream in Europe receives 2.5 million Brazilian reals per month

“I will have to forego 60% of the salary”; Braz’s dream in Europe receives 2.5 million Brazilian reals per month

You are leaders From the football section flamingoAnd Marcos Brazz NS Bruno Spindel, they are in Europe Another task: to bring in reinforcements to qualify Renato Gaucho’s team. Two targets are already known to fans (Kennedy and Thiago Mendes), but there is also discussion of other possibilities. The idea is to close up to three new players for this second semester.

Another leaked name is Ravinia AlcantaraMidfielder Paris Saint-Germain. Information about Mengão contact to learn about ace mode was first conveyed by the journalist Casagrande crust. However, the athlete’s salary is quite high by the standards of Brazilian football.

Pockets player every month from Paris Saint-Germain around 2.5 million Brazilian Real ريال, which is a high standard and outside the reality of Team Rubro-Negro’s payroll. On social networks, fans understand that the effort has to come from the midfielder’s will more than anything else. Bearing in mind that Flamengo will only advance the conversation if the Brazilian cuts that amount significantly.

Rafinha has other proposals, mostly from European football and his future follows undefined. On the other hand, the possibility of the midfielder staying in Paris is not excluded, as he is adapting well and working in a team capable of fighting for all titles in the old continent.

What is certain is that Prause and Spindel will not return to Brazil empty-handed. The Flamingo is stretching the ropes to succeed in negotiations that are already aimed at challenging this semester, especially when entering the recall period. In the early months of the year, the club was left without its key players and had to look for solutions within the team itself.

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