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“I do not like him and do not agree with him …”

“I do not like him and do not agree with him …”

Palm trees

He shared the Portuguese’s displeasure in the Charla podcast and tried to step back from the 2022 controversy, but he did not fail to pinpoint the behavior of Palmeiras’ idol on the edge of the field.

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Jorginho is one of Abel Ferreira’s foes on the edge of the pitch in Brazil

In 2022, Abel Ferreira has been the subject of strong ‘pins’ by Jorginho, at the time coach of Atlético-GO. It all started when it started Palm trees Goiás was defeated at Allianz Parque for the Brazilian Championship when the Portuguese Dragão captain criticized him for his behavior off the field. Until then, the engagement involved clashes between the two, but the situation derailed soon after.

After eliminating Atlético MG de Coca in the quarter-finals of the Libertadores and mentioning the points the opposing coach could have made in the second leg, when Palmeiras went to the end with nine men, Abel heard Jorginho interject again. He shamelessly attacked his opponent in a later interview with ESPN. “We are not at the time when the Portuguese come here and discover football, forget it,” said the four-time Brazilian champions at the time.

Today, Jorginho finds himself without a club and regrets the way he dealt with the raids of the Palmeiras coach. In a statement to the Charla Podcast, the coach declared that he’s very unhappy with the placements about discontent.

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Abel was embroiled in a controversy with Jorginho, coach of Atlético-GO at the time

“It was an unfortunate phrase, especially when speaking in Portuguese. Today Abel is one of the best coaches in Brazil, there is no way. He kicked off at the time. The point was just to make a comparison, but for me it was a pity.”Jorginho admitted.

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After that, the former coach of Atlético-GO made it clear that he did not agree with Abel’s behavior on the sidelines. “I’m sure he’s a very likeable guy within the group, but he has a way of being on the edge of the pitch that I don’t agree with. I don’t like the way I’m on the edge of the pitch with the opposing team, with the referee and such. But I will by no means ignore all that Get it done. He made it because it’s good and it works like hell. He’s a guy who deserves it, there’s nothing to talk about.” Complete the artwork.

On several occasions during the post-match interviews, Abel did admit to the need to improve his behavior in relation to refereeing. But this does not erase the achievements of the Portuguese in two and a half years at the helm of Palmeiras: seven titles, including two titles in the Copa Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Brasileiro. Next Sunday (9), he will try to win the eighth cup in the Champions League final Paulista championship In front of the holy water.