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“Hero of Hygiene”

“Hero of Hygiene”


This isn’t the first time the Doctor has experienced a disgusting moment.

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

Amanda Mirelles She starred in a disgusting scene on Monday (3) in Big Brother Brasil’s kitchen that left some viewers feeling disgusted. In a video clip that was circulated on social media, she appeared eating food from a spoon with her finger, and with her same finger, the doctor pushed the rest of the food back into the pan. After that, the sister returned the fork to the same container where the lunch was prepared.

Quickly, the video – showing the situation – garnered massive repercussions and is widely commented on on social networks. “What an awful sight, I didn’t need to see Amanda Put the mash back into the pan with your finger,” a viewer commented on Twitter. Another piece of nonsense from the doctor exposed, “the netizen regrets.” The title of Hygiene Deficiency Champion is already guaranteed to Amanda“It was some comments,” said another.

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

This is not the first time that the sister has starred in a disgusting scene. Recently, she used her hair to brush her teeth, like dental floss. Then, the doctor went to the kitchen and tasted the food with a spoon and put the thing back in the same pot, which was not well received by the web.

this week, Amanda In Paredão, along with Domitilla, Larissa that it Marvella. It should be noted that the vote on the wall this time is different: the public votes for the candidate to stay in the house, not to eliminate him. The least voted sister is leaving the reality show on Tuesday (4).

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