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Flight attendants are removed after the deviant passenger is attached with duct tape

Flight attendants are removed after the deviant passenger is attached with duct tape

Another case of confusion arose on board the plane in the United States, but this time it came with a negative result for the flight crew.

Unlike recent incidents, this did not happen at Spirit Airlines, but at its main competitor, ultra-low-cost Frontier Airlines, which is part of the IndiGo group, which also controls the South American company JetSmart.

Police said the cause of the confusion was passenger Maxwell Perry, 22, who drank two drinks During the flight she began to act erratically. His first act was to grab an empty glass and push it to a flight attendant.

Soon after, he vomited on himself, went to the bathroom to clean but came out shirtless. It took the help of a flight attendant to get a new blouse that was in his handbag. However, the boy continued to rage and circle the plane, until he pressed the breasts of two flight attendants, the limit of the flight attendant who saw the scene and decided to intervene.

During the discussion, Maxwell said his parents had “$2 million in their account and they don’t care what’s going on”. He was soon contained with the help of other passengers, who used duct tape to attach the young man to the seat of the plane, an Airbus A320 that was flying from Philadelphia to Miami.

Upon landing in Miami, local police arrested him on three counts of personal injury to the three commissioners.


What seemed like another case of a runaway passenger took a turn when Frontier Airlines spoke:

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“During a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31, a passenger made inappropriate physical contact with the flight attendants and then assaulted the flight attendant. As a result, he had to be contained until the flight landed in Miami and the authorities intervened,” the airline said. News letters.

The surprise was that removal is not uncommon in these cases where the passenger obviously did not behave as they should, but for some people Frontier did not like the way he was being held, as the plane likely had plastic handcuffs on board, as well as securing the person with a belt Safety.

In any case, the passenger has already been denied entry to the company and will not fly his planes again.