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Embrapa do TO participates in the groundbreaking book published by the Soil Science Society of America

Embrapa do TO participates in the groundbreaking book published by the Soil Science Society of America

Embrapa Fisheries and Aquaculture, through the Thematic Center for Agricultural Systems (NTSA), became part of a selected group of Brazilian scientists who participated in the book “Soil Health and Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil”, edited by researcher Ieda Mendes, from Embrapa Cerrados, professor from the Department Soil Science (Esalq/USP), Mauricio Cherubin.

“This is the first book of the Soil Science Society of America to address a topic with aspects outside the USA,” celebrates researcher Rodrigo Munhoz, first author of Chapter 11: “Challenges of Soil Health Management in Brazil’s Newest Agricultural Frontier.” (Challenges of Soil Health Management in Brazil's New Agricultural Frontier, in free translation).

The Embrapa do Tocantins chapter was also signed by researchers Balbino Evangelista and Alexandre Uhlmann, as well as colleagues Tais Sousa and Laura Paz Oliveira.

According to Munhoz, this work is one of the few technical articles that addresses the issue of soil health. “It is a devastating book,” he concludes, with the university’s invitation to coordinate a chapter on agricultural frontiers “reflecting a significant recognition of our performance, as a reference, in this area.”

One of the goals of the book is to show the world the efforts made by Brazilian researchers and farmers to maintain healthy, biologically active, and productive tropical soils. This publication is the third volume in the prestigious Soil Health series, published by SSSA since 2020 and the first with an international focus on soil health.

“With a total of 432 pages full of illustrations, the book includes 12 chapters by 68 authors, highlighting Brazil’s efforts to prepare for the challenges related to climate change. The goal is to meet the growing challenge of feeding an ever-growing global population, all this amid a resource scenario Ltd,” explains Ida Mendes, the responsible researcher. “This book represents an important milestone for Brazil, emphasizing that soil health is the cornerstone of resilient agriculture in the coming years,” Cherubin adds. “To survive increasingly severe climate events, it is essential that our soils reach exceptional physical, chemical, and biological balance.”

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The book is sold on Amazon in the United States via the link: https://www.amazon.com/Health-Sustainable-Agriculture-Brazil-Books/dp/089118743X