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Dodo praises Botafogo’s performance and still believes in his title: “Anything can happen in this tournament, it’s okay”

Dodo praises Botafogo’s performance and still believes in his title: “Anything can happen in this tournament, it’s okay”

One of the great names in modern history Botafogo, Dudu He also said that he believes in the Glorioso title. Fougao dropped to third place over the weekend, one point behind Palmeiras, leaders on goal difference, and Flamengo, with three rounds remaining before the end of the season. Brazilian Championship.

– He is not out yet (from the fight). I don’t doubt any of these teams out there. If Botafogo wins over Santos, it will be the champion of the tournament. I believe. Dodo said: “The point is not even just belief, but that in this tournament anything can happen, and Botafogo is in the cake.”

– It’s even difficult to explain. Botafogo entered the Brazilian tournament without much expectation, and the expectations created by the first round made fans believe they could become champions. They had their third worst season in the second round and lost many points at the end of the match – lamented Dodo during “Polyragem”.

The former striker praised Botafogo’s performance in the draw with Santos and the alternatives found by coach Thiago Nunes.

– Thiago Nunes interview was perfect. You didn’t see the possibility of Santos’ response, but negative things happen and Botafogo conceded a goal in a very smart move from Sotildo. Santos had no position and had a chipped goal, thanks to Sotildo. Botafogo controlled the game well, had control of the events even without having a great game – he did the analysis.

To the commentator Aline Calandriniwho also participated in the programme, said the fact of overcoming Botafogo could become a turning point for the environment to become less internally loaded.

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– Botafogo’s state of mind is very heavy, but there is something we can think about. I’ve been suffering from the pressure of overtaking for a long time, and now I’ve been overtaken. I think Botafogo’s problem is very psychological, but now that they are third, maybe they will be lighter. It’s possible. I don’t think so, because I see a team that is not motivated at all, but… – Think.