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Discover the benefits of the Platinum Card

Banco Inter, one of the most famous and used digital banks in Brazil, mainly to give Exclusive benefits To its clients, offers Platinum Card, for free, with many benefits, such as Cashback From shopping to travel assistance.

According to Banco Inter, the limits available on Platinum Cards may vary from customer to customer. Definition of Limit It is based on a credit analysis that takes into account several factors.

Fintech generally refers to this credit limits The platinum card granted is higher than the limits granted for Inter Gold. This is because the Inter Gold card does not have to prove a minimum income, unlike the Platinum standards, which are a little more stringent.

One of its advantages is the cashback, which is timely, without bureaucracy. In addition, Inter Mastercard Platinum customers get 0.5% cashback on their bills. To order the card, simply connect via chat via the Digital Banking app, or call 4070-3003.

Cashback on Banco Inter Card

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However, Banco Inter cashback is not an exclusive feature for platinum card holders, but for all levels of the bank’s credit card. The process is very simple, just use the Inter credit card during the month normally and when the bill is closed, the user is entitled to get cashback on the amount spent in the month.

In this way, it is necessary to put the bill payment into automatic debit by the application. In addition, it is worth noting that each card has its own cashback percentage value, namely:

  • Gold Card: 0.25%;
  • Platinum Card: 0.50%;
  • black card: 1%;
  • Winning card: 1.25%.
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Therefore, with the invoice in automatic debit and full payment made (without paying previous invoices), the cashback falls into the user’s account automatically within 6 working days after payment. Remember that the refund amount focuses on the total amount of the month’s bill.


The Banco Inter Platinum Card has many benefits for those who love to travel around the world, such as a concierge service. With Mastercard Platinum Concierge, digital bank customers are guaranteed a 24-hour service offering the best advice and accompanying users throughout their journey. The service includes:

  • travel organization
  • search for events at the destination;
  • Indication of the best options for restaurants and services;
  • Find and deliver gifts;
  • Global emergency assistance.

To activate the concierge service, call 0800725 2025 and select the option best suited to your travel needs. In addition, the Platinum Card also provides medical travel insurance. In order to use the medical services of the Platinum Card, it is necessary to pay attention to some criteria required by Banco Inter, such as:

  • Tickets must be paid in full with the Platinum Inter Card;
  • It is necessary to issue an insurance ticket before making the trip;
  • There is no limit to the issuance of tickets and they are valid for travel around the world (except within Brazil);
  • Cover is valid for 31 consecutive days from the date of departure and covers up to $25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Dollars) in medical expenses;

In addition to medical coverage, Banco Inter travel insurance includes expenses for an extension of stay and other amenities, as well as medical transportation, if required.