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Discover the ambitious floating city project that accommodates 60,000 people

There are some islands that bring people closer to the sea, but nothing like the project launched by Lazzarini Design. The goal of the brand, known for its luxury creations, is related to building a city. In this case, the platform must remain afloat, while the inhabitants move out of the yachts, benefiting from some immersion.

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Discover the Pangeos ship

There are several giant ship initiatives being produced around the world, but the company has decided to exceed its own expectations. Overcoming an area of ​​600 square meters launched for travelers, with the inclusion of various hospitality services. Therefore, 60,000 luxury and comfortable accommodations will be provided. Business centers and networking businesses will be able to offer more opportunities to do in the city.

A residential property by the sea

Unlike other developments, Pangeos is to offer housing vacancies, for those who want to stay close to nature, but enjoy the benefits of partner institutions. Condominium parking garage cars And a series of technological resources complete the attraction, whose planning began in 2009. With the experience of a large team, Lazzarini should not give up so that he can finish the large ship in the shape of a sea turtle.

will you work

Work has begun on a shipyard with an area of ​​390,000 square meters in Saudi Arabia, which will facilitate the transportation of logistics for the big city. At the moment, no units have been sold, as feasibility tests are still in progress. Despite this, officials said they were confident of the final outcome. The disclosure so far is also intended to attract investors.

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Pangeos large turtle-shaped ship is still far from becoming a reality, but who knows in the future this construction will generate new opportunities investmentsgiven that it drives a large inflow of capital.