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Dinosaur Valley appears again in the interior of São Paulo

The city of Presidente Prudente, in the interior of São Paulo, has joined the map of the world’s greatest discoveries in Paleontology With the site of half a dozen dinosaur eggs over 60 million years old. The material, considered very rare, was found at the Parque dos Girassóis excavation site.

The area has been remarkable for similar finds – since the 1990s, excavations have revealed fossils of many types of prehistoric animals, such as titanosaurs and extinct birds. “It’s no exaggeration to say it’s kind of in the valley of the dinosaurs,” says paleontologist William Nava, who is responsible for most of the finds, at the Paleontological Museum in Marilia. In recent years, scientists from American universities and Latin American countries have partnered with their counterparts in Brazil to study the results.

In western São Paulo, between Marilia, Presidente Prudente and Aracatuba, a concentration of rocks from the Upper Cretaceous period, between 65 and 80 million years old, when dinosaurs reached the height of evolution. Then came the Ice Age, which wiped out the demise of these creatures, due to climate change caused by the fall of a large-sized meteorite in Mexico, according to science.