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Dieselgate in the UK and Wales will cost another 227 million euros - Observer

Dieselgate in the UK and Wales will cost another 227 million euros – Observer

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More than 91,000 owners of Volkswagen Group’s diesel-powered vehicles have applied to the courts in the United Kingdom and Wales for compensation for their use. Software Fraud in their vehicles. The German panel paid 193 193 million, or about 227 million euros, and reached an agreement before the matter could be settled by a judge.

நாடி Software In 2015, the VW Group fraudulently installed it in 11 million vehicles worldwide whenever the system identified the vehicle as a way to artificially reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. The test is performed. Under normal use conditions, the vehicle will emit a very high value of NOx, which will increase the emission of emissions into the atmosphere.

The engine targeted by the British complainants was the EA189, the popular TDI used by most models of the group. Software Illegal. Plaintiffs sought lawyers from Lee Day and PGMBM, but most relied on the services of Slater & Gordon, led by David Whitmore, who welcomed the agreement he reached: “In five years, we have delivered our services to about 70,000 plaintiffs and signed contracts. As a result of this slow and costly process we avoid We were very happy to be reached.

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