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Corinthians expelled by a businessman Judson in justice;  The previous shirt 10 also presented with a suit

Corinthians expelled by a businessman Judson in justice; The previous shirt 10 also presented with a suit

Judson’s termination with Corinthians, at the start of 2020, continues to cause headaches for the club. After the player goes to court for not receiving the amounts agreed upon in terminating the contract (about 840 thousand Brazilian riyals), the former shirt manager 10 did the same. The case is being considered by the Second Civil Court of São Paulo.

NS My Timon He had access to the work of Robalinho Alves Advogados, an office belonging to Marcelo Robalinho. Jadson’s agent filed for R$666,218.21 discharge. The value, according to Marcelo Rubalinho, corresponds to R$500,000 agreed upon at the time of termination plus interest, corrections and penalties.

Under the agreement signed in February 2020, Corinthians committed to pay a portion of R$ 20,841.00 to the businessman/lawyer and 23 equal and consecutive monthly installments of R$ 20,833.00 (March 2020 to February 2022).

Corinthians, in turn, claim in a later appeal within the lawsuit that the pandemic caused severe damage to the club, due to reduced revenue. The club requests that there is no interest on the amount of the debt, corrections of fines, and remain at 500,000 Brazilian real.

Corinthians also claim that there are excessive surcharges, with the true value of the debt, even with the penalties mentioned above, being R$542,886.89. Timão also requests a hearing to attempt conciliation and/or mediation between the parties.

In time: Judge Claudio Pereira Franca did not accept Corinthians’ request for a suspensive effect of the measure. The procedure will follow his rites in court.

Total (without interest and corrections) 1,340,000.00 BRL

Judson’s early termination with Corinthians, prompted by a joint decision between former coach Thiago Nunes and president Andres Sanchez, was terminated in February 2020.

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Under the signed agreement, the club agreed to pay R$840,000 to the player (a single payment of R$30,841.00 and 23 other installments of R$30,833.00) and another R$500,000 to the businessman and lawyer Marcelo Rubalinho (a single payment of Brazilian Real). ). 20,841.00 and 20,833.00 others). The total of the two agreements, without interest and corrections, amounted to 1,340 million Brazilian riyals.

Paragraph 5 of the document attached to the lawsuit before the court states that there will be 5% interest on the premium in the event of a ten-day default, as well as early accrual of the entire amount in the case of five consecutive. Late installments at 1% interest per month and a cash correction.

Judson’s procedure is already more advanced, with authorization for judicial bans on Corinthians’ accounts. The same can happen with the business of an entrepreneur.

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