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Codet denies the existence of “tactical chaos” at Inter and sees himself supported by the players amid pressure  international

Codet denies the existence of “tactical chaos” at Inter and sees himself supported by the players amid pressure international

Eduardo Codet considered the goalless draw with Real Tomayapo unfair. The coach admitted that Inter failed to finish off attacks and expressed his discomfort when asked about alleged “tactical chaos” by the team in the second half, when they brought more strikers into the match. Amidst the instability and protests of the fans, the Argentine sees himself supported by the players and tolerates pressure naturally.

Internacional fans protest after a draw in the South American Championship

For Chacho, the team lacked rhythm and fluidity in the first half, but saw an attacking improvement after the break. However, he regretted a series of missed opportunities, including a ball against the post with Luca, which would have made the athletes on the pitch even more nervous. He summed up that the “main deficit” was not scoring the goal.

When a reporter asked him – and even provoked him – about the potential chaos the team was in while searching for the result, Coudet answered at length and showed signs of annoyance at the situation.

-I don't agree with tactical chaos. We talk about tactics then. Everything has a concept. When we win, it's normal. When we don't win, there is tactical chaos, that's the system. How tactical chaos? How will we get in? In between, I couldn't get in. We finished the game with a low cross, getting 12 corner kicks. Where is the tactical chaos? Can someone explain us the tactics when we win? What do we do? There is tactical action. Will it be chaos if we win three? – he wondered.

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Eduardo Codet, Inter coach, in the draw – Photograph: Ricardo Duarte/Inter

Under the pressure of an early elimination to Gauchao and four straight draws, with only one goal scored in that period, the coach spoke calmly about the pressure. He also stated that the average tenure of a coach in Brazilian football is four to five months.

In the same context regarding the bad moment, he said that he felt the support of the group of players and accepted the protests and boos from the fans naturally before, during and after the match. He even revealed that he had a minor disagreement with a fan in the stands.

-I feel supported by the players. The fans' protest is understandable. We want to win. In the second half, one of the fans was insulting me. I asked: “Why all this?” He said he didn't like the team. I said “Okay”. I have to get to know him. I have to work and bring the team back to its football dynamics and individual level. The next match we will play with more pressure. We are a great team. Protest is fine. We have to work – he declared.

With this draw, Inter reached two points and ranks second in Group C of the South American Championship. Follow this Thursday the duel between Delfin and Belgrano, at 11 pm, in Manta, Ecuador. The Colorado band will perform again in the afternoon at CT Parque Gigante.

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