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Batterygate: Apple expects to pay iPhone users $500 million settlement soon

Batterygate: Apple expects to pay iPhone users $500 million settlement soon

feetiPhone owners who signed up to get money from the settlement agreement penalized apple for every Reduced performance of older models On purpose, because the batteries were deteriorating, They should start receiving their payments soon.

As noted by The Mercury News, the judge overseeing the lawsuit rejected an appeal from two iPhone owners who were trying to contest the settlement, clearing the way for the payments to be sent.

The processor was effectively slowed down as the battery in the devices couldn’t handle it, and some users noticed slower performance speeds when this happened. The only way to restore performance was to replace the deteriorating battery.

At first, Apple did not tell customers that iOS 10.2.1 introduced this performance limitation, which angered consumers and led to a huge headache for Apple, including this class action lawsuit. after, The company apologized for what happened.

“iPhone” owners eligible for the payment will need to file a claim in 2020. Those who provided information at that time will be eligible for the payment, which will be approximately US$65 (about R$322) per claimant.

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