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average of nearly 30 years affects?  America concedes most goals in the second half – Radio Itatiaia

average of nearly 30 years affects? America concedes most goals in the second half – Radio Itatiaia

America struggled during the second half of their matches in the Brazilian championship. The fact that may explain this decline in performance is the high average age of the team. If you consider all the players who have already entered the field in this top division, the average comes out to nearly 30 years.

Evidence for this change in performance from the first half to the second half is the defeat by Cuiaba, on Sunday (7), in the fourth round of the Brazilian championship. America led the action in Independencia, in Belo Horizonte, but conceded two goals 40 minutes into the final stage. The average age of junior players was 32 years old.

So far, of the 11 goals Alviverde has conceded in the competition, eight have been in the second half. Against Fluminense, in their Série A debut, Mancini’s side played 45 minutes and went into the first half tied 0–0 on the scoreboard. However, the team fell short of performing and ended in a 3-0 defeat.

Of all the 23 players from America who actually hit the field in this Series A, ten are 30 or older — 43% of the athletes. are they: Matheus Caviccioli, Nino Paraíba, Danilo Avelar, Ricardo Silva, Juninho, Alli, Felipe Azevedo, Wellington Paulista, Aloisio and Henrique Almeida.

What contributes a lot to the average age of not exceeding 30 is the presence of right-back Arthur and striker Addison, two prominent basemen who are 20 and 17 years old respectively. The defender has been sold to Bayer Leverkusen, from Germany, and will leave the club in July.

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Check the age of America’s players who have already played in the 2023 Série A:

  • Mateus Caviccioli (goalkeeper) – 36 years old

  • Nino Paraíba (right back) – 37 years old

  • Arthur (right back) – 20 years old

  • Marcinho (right back) – 26 years old

  • Marlon (left back) – 29 years old

  • Iago Maidana (Defender) – 27 years old

  • Danilo Avelar (Defender) – 33 years old

  • Eder (defender) – 28 years old

  • Ricardo Silva (Defender) – 30 years old

  • Lucas Cale (midfielder) – 27 years old

  • Juninho (midfield) – 35 years old

  • Martinez (midfielder) – 28 years old

  • Ali (midfield) – 32 years old

  • Benitez (midfield) – 28 years old

  • Mateocinho (centre) – 25 years old

  • Felipe Azevedo (forward) – 36 years old

  • Everaldo (forward) – 28 years old

  • Matheus Gonsalves (forward) – 28 years old

  • Adyson (forward) – 17 years old

  • Mikael (center) – 23 years old

  • Wellington Paulista (centre), 40 years old

  • Aloísio (centre) – 34 years old

  • Henrique Almeida (center) – 31 years old

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