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“As if someone was choking you”

“As if someone was choking you”

The Canadian artist faces a major battle against stiff person syndrome, which affects the central nervous system. Check out the rant!

the singer Celine Dion He declared that he felt as if He was being suffocated When you try to sing. The Canadian suffers from stiff person syndrome, which kept her away from the stage.

in interview On the Today Show, the translator of “Because You Loved Me” and “My Heart Will Go On” shared that cramps Because of the disease, it prevents her from changing the tone of her voice and controlling her voice while singing.

It’s as if someone is choking you, as if someone is pressing on your vocal cords. You keep talking like that [imitando voz fina] You cannot raise or lower the tone. “It gets crampy,” the artist declared.

Excerpt from the interview with the presenter Hoda Kotb It was shown on the seventh edition of the American NBC broadcaster’s program on Friday. a Full interview It will be broadcast on Tuesday 11th of this month, according to the Brazilian network CNN.

In conversation, Celine He stated that he began to feel the effects of stiff person syndrome in his throat, but the symptoms quickly spread throughout his body. This neurological disease affects the central nervous system, mainly the brain and spinal cord, causing muscle spasms so severe that they reach Break your ribs.

“I started here [aponta para a garganta]But it can also be in the abdomen, spine, and ribs.

New documentary

The singer will talk more about her journey in treatment for the disease and her retirement from the stage documentary “I: Celine Dion” directed by Erin TaylorHe was nominated for an Academy Award in 2008 for the short documentary “The Last Inches” about polio eradication.

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The film will be released on Prime Video in June 25. Check out a preview of the interview Celine Dion To today’s show below: