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Announcing the fun element in the game update

a InnerSloth, Developer Between usSee more to come in the next game update. Great information is saved for summer festival game, an event that will bring many news about the gaming world. Despite this, the company has revealed through its social networks a little of what the new update will achieve. The latest new element is, according to the developer, an “important” one: the possibility of using an airplane horn.

In the official account of the game on Twitter, a short video has been shared showing the horn in action. The element may not be really important, but it is still a very interesting addition for gamers. Also, in a second tweet This is clearly an add-on that the dev team intended to do before, but it just didn’t work as it should. With the update, the issue has been resolved, and the action can be taken without any issues as soon as the next update is released.

You can check out the video below:

The horn is in use in the new update.

Fans were excited about the update, the main addition of which will be the 15-player mode. Apart from this new mode and the addition of colors, there is no more information about other changes coming. Who is watching the transmission? summer festival game to Twitch You can stay up to date with the news and get a mask from the person in charge of the event, Jeff Kelly, to be used in the game.

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Between us It was a huge hit last year, even though it wasn’t a recent release. In fact, the title was originally published in 2018, and InnerSloth Already planned to work on a sequel. With the sudden interest, the company changed its mind, and began working on updates and improvements to the game. Although it gets no less attention, the production fan base remains very consistent, and you should be receiving more information about the news soon, including the update availability date.

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