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A woman gives birth to twins 22 days apart in separate hospitals

A woman gives birth to twins 22 days apart in separate hospitals

The woman's contractions stopped shortly after Arlo was born, and days later, she was discharged from the hospital, still with the baby in her stomach. Kylie said she searched for other doctors, underwent daily checkups between births, and 22 days later, Astro was born via C-section.

The second twin was born weighing 1 kilogram, and suffered from heart and vision problems. Fortunately, Astro defied the medical diagnosis, survived and is now two years old and healthy. The mother explained: “When Astro arrived, I couldn’t believe he had managed to survive that long period between birth and the next.”

Kylie Doyle admitted that dealing with her situation was difficult at first, as she and her husband were preparing for the arrival of the twins. “We bought double everything for the babies: two beds and a stroller with two seats,” he said. “It was hard to see the mothers of twins I followed on social media recording their accomplishments and routines with their babies every day.”

After her children were born prematurely, Doyle decided to support other mothers in the same situation. She trained as a neonatal intensive care unit volunteer and works at a charity in Manchester, where she visits parents of premature babies for support and emotional support.

Other cases

In 2018, a woman named Vicki Green was in the news when she gave birth to twins 12 days apart. The case also occurred in England and both children survived. In 1996, a woman from Baltimore, USA, gave birth to twin boys 90 days apart.

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